MZN recognizes the unique challenges of the healthcare environment. This understanding stems from our vast experience with regional and world-renowned medical facilities-surgical, imaging and emergency care, etc.


The key to our successful commercial projects is using knowledge practiced for generations and perfecting the process by creating facilities that are built to last and that provide a productive working environment to our clients and their occupants.

Design Build

As your Design-Bid-Build manager, MZN will be responsible for your programming, design, permitting, contracting and including the same team building approach to the construction phase providing the most effortless turnkey projects available.


Regardless of project size, quality workmanship is the key to doing the job right. From the complexities of high voltages to the subtleties of dimming systems, MZN’s record of success is well known and spans nearly 3 decades.


MZN’s engineering provides the knowledge and skills to support Project Management and/or Field Operations in performing the technical aspects of managing building and civil related commercial and institutional construction.


Whether it is renovating an older house or building a new home, MZN strives for total customer satisfaction. With a reputation throughout Southern California as a premier residential contractor, MZN offers personalized service, high-quality craftsmanship and value on every project.

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